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Phoenix DUI Attorney Ryan Curry wins Super Extreme DUI Case

DUI Attorney Ryan Curry filed a motion in the City of Phoenix Municipal Court which resulted in the dismissal of a Super Extreme DUI case. His client, Mr. F. Ruiz, was pulled over for two separate traffic violations. The police alleged that Mr. Ruiz failed to drive on the right side of the road and that he failed to signal 100 feet before turning. After reviewing his motion to dismiss the case, the prosecution agreed that the officers involved in the traffic stop had no legal basis to pull Mr. Ruiz over. The case was dismissed.

Lawyer Curry believes that people need to be aware of common mistakes the police make. He states, “DUI attorneys in Phoenix are seeing more cases where people are pulled over for no valid reason. I think that it is important that drivers know their rights. Just because an officer tickets you, you don’t have to accept their judgment as final.”
In the case involving Mr. Ruiz, the police cited him for two different violations that seem quite simple. Arizona law allows motorists to be ticketed for failure to change lanes or execute a turn without signaling. What most people don’t know, is that failing to signal a turn is only illegal if the driver affects traffic. In other words, if a driver switches lanes on an empty road, there is no way for other vehicles to be affected by the driver’s actions.
Attorney Curry sees it this way, “The whole purpose of activating your turn signal is to alert other people nearby of your intention to turn. If nobody is near you, you shouldn’t be required to reflexively notify the empty road of your anticipated turn.” Courts agree with this conclusion, and DUI cases across Arizona are being dismissed before trial.
Local Phoenix DUI Attorneys are beginning to take notice of Mr. Curry’s record of dismissals. As a rising star in the Law Firm of Alcock & Associates, Mr. Curry handles cases exclusively in the City of Phoenix Municipal Court. This gives him the added advantage of getting to know the staff, prosecutors and judges. He states, “It’s just a blessing to be able to do what you love, get results for your clients and get to be in court every day.” Attorney Ryan Curry can be reached at 602-989-5000.

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