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What You Need to Know About Your Weapons Charge in Arizona

Arizona Weapons ChargeIn the state of Arizona, there are many ways that you can legally carry a firearm.  But, there are also many ways that you can be charged with misconduct involving weapons.  Many people assume that a weapons charge just involves someone that does not have a permit to carry a gun, or someone that discharges a gun, but there is far more to it than that.  And, weapons charges do not only involve firearms.  There are a huge range of different weapons charges in Arizona and your specific charges will be influenced by a variety of factors including whether or not a crime was occurring at the time of your arrest, if someone was injured, if you were on school grounds, etc.

What Constitutes a Weapon in the State of Arizona?

Misconduct involving a weapon does not only mean the possession or use of a firearm.  It can also mean things like a knife (including a pocket knife) or any other item that is used with intent to cause bodily harm (for example: a bat, golf club, tire iron, rock, etc.).

What If I Was Just Selling a Weapon, Not Using It?

Even if you did not use or possess the weapon, if you sold the weapon to an individual that you knew would use the weapon in the commission of a felony, you could be charged with misconduct involving a weapon.

Do I Need a Lawyer if I Have Been Charged with Misconduct Involving a Weapon?

Yes!  Regardless of the severity of your weapon misconduct charge, you always need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney.  There is a huge range of potential penalties for misconduct involving a weapon ranging from no jail time to significant jail time.  It can be difficult to determine many of the circumstances surrounding a weapons charge and a prosecutor must prove ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ that you are guilty of the crime you have been charged with.  At Alcock & Associates, we have a highly experienced team of attorneys including former prosecutors and former police officer so we have a significant depth of knowledge with how to deal with weapons misconduct charges.  We are dedicated to helping you understand the charge you face, developing an intricate and vigilant defense, and getting you the best possible outcome in your weapons charge case.

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