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Cardinals’ Daryl Washington Arrested, Domestic Abuse Charges Filed

The promising and supremely talented Daryl Washington may be kicked off the team for good despite his strong emergence on the field in 2012. The embattled inside linebacker was already on suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. That incident alone was going to cost him the first four games of the 2013 regular season. In fact, because both the Cardinals and Washington expected this suspension, his contract was hastily re-negotiated. The team moved the date for his bonus when he is now due $10 million before the start of next season.

The Arizona Cardinals, a team with a new head coach and leadership, did not anticipate the player then getting involved in a physical confrontation leading to arrest. Now, Arizona may need to avoid that large bonus, and are free to do so in light of the most recent legal troubles.

Washington was under investigation on allegations of an assault on his ex-girlfriend. Then, after meeting with police, he was arrested on two counts of aggravated assault. This is obviously a very serious charge, and one that could lead to his outright release from the franchise before the start of next season, despite last season’s emergence.

Washington’s bond was set at $4,200 following his initial court appearance. A probable cause statement released by Phoenix police said Washington’s ex-girlfriend claimed he grabbed her by the throat and shoved her to the ground following an argument at her apartment Wednesday.

The woman told police that Washington also pushed her with two hands, causing her to fall and break her right collarbone. Police later interviewed the woman and their report noted her clavicle injury along with road-rash type of scrapes, bruising and cuts to her right arm, right hip and right leg.

Per the report, paperwork filed in court indicate that Washington and the woman, the mother of his five-month-old daughter, got into a fight near the woman’s apartment, where Washington allegedly choked her. Then, they got into another fight in the parking lot, where Washington allegedly threw her to the ground and broke her collarbone.

It should be known that the couple has had past altercations that were not reported to police. This time, the victim allegedly threw a plastic plant at Washington, but it didn’t hit him. She possibly will face charges.

For now, Washington is out of jail after posting the aforementioned bond. But the broken collarbone makes his situation significantly more ominous.

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