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What To Do If You Have Been Arrested for Assault

Criminal Defense AttorneysNo one plans on being arrested for assault but, unfortunately, things happen and assault arrests get made on daily basis.  There are a variety of different assault charges in Arizona, both misdemeanor and felony.  Because each arrest could result in a variety of sentences and consequences including probation, fines and jail time, it is important to know your rights and have an experienced criminal attorney on your side.  At Alcock Law, we have handled thousands of assault cases across Arizona and can help you with your unique circumstances so that you can achieve the best possible outcome in your case.  Even if a case seems simple and straightforward, they can become complicated once in court and you could pay the price without an experienced attorney.

Understanding the complexity and severity of your assault case can help you know just how serious your charges are.  Various things will impact the way you are charged and how your case will be handled.  Some considerations include:

  • Was the victim seriously injured? (broken bones)
  • Was the assault potentially deadly? (choking)
  • Was the victim a child?
  • Was the victim a police officer or school official?
  • Was a weapon used? (knife, bat, gun, auto…)

Regardless of whether or not your crime is a misdemeanor or a felony, any assault case is serious and should only be handled by an experienced attorney.  Many assault cases may be able to be dismissed or won because it was personal defense or because the accused was threatened.   Also, many assault cases carry a lengthy mandatory prison sentence or a permanent felony on your record which can make obtaining employment in the future very difficult.  With one of our attorneys at Alcock Law, you have far better chance of getting your case dismissed or your sentence reduced to something as simple as community service in your Arizona assault case.  We have former city prosecutors and a judge on staff that understand how the legal and court systems work from the inside out. We know what the right questions are to ask law enforcement or prosecutors and we know how to determine whether your case should be tried in city court or superior court. At Alcock Law, our consultation is always free so do not hesitate to call and seek the help that you need in your assault case.  We will compassionately, carefully, and rigorously represent you in your Arizona assault case so that you can receive the best possible outcome after an assault arrest.

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