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Alcock & Associates Donates 500k Meals

Arizona DUI Lawyer Nicholas Alcock spends his days in court defending clients accused of committing crimes. During the weekends, you can find him coordinating one of his many charitable activities. Over the years, he has donated a staggering 500,000 free meals to the elderly and disadvantaged children.

Attorney Alcock started his program after watching a 60 Minutes episode that featured a middle class taxi driver who built a school for homeless children in India. Alcock remarks, “I figured if a taxi driver of modest means could create so much change, a criminal defense attorney has no excuse.” He partners with businesses and charity groups in South America where Alcock manages to stretch his buying power to extremes. By buying staples in bulk, he can purchase huge amounts of foodstuffs. He spends about $3,000 per month on rice, tuna, eggs and other supplies that are distributed to hundreds of needy people living in Ecuador and Colombia.

Alcock’s charitable giving isn’t limited to providing food. Recently, he sponsored a medical mission to Nicaragua, where over 50 life changing operations will be performed on children suffering from cleft palates, burns and other disfiguring conditions. “When I go to Nicaragua, my job is to take photographs of the kids for the before and after shots,” he stated. As a Spanish speaker, he enjoys the ability to communicate and learn from the people he helps.

Locally in Phoenix, Alcock donates to the Children’s Crisis Nursery. As a DUI and criminal defense attorney his life is filled with the stress of trial work. By giving his time and resources to homeless kids helps him stay focused on what is important. Speaking about his priorities he says, “Whatever is bothering me on a given day is nothing compared to what I see these homeless children go through.”

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