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6 Reasons to Hire an Arizona DUI Attorney

Have your recently been arrested for DUI in the state of Arizona?  If so, one of the best things you can do for your DUI case is hire an experienced attorney as soon as possible. DUI DEFENSE ATTORNEYS If you can, hire a DUI attorney before you answer a single question because there are many factors that influence DUI cases.  Field sobriety tests, breathalyzers, and even blood alcohol tests can be flawed and we will work with you to protect your rights.  At Alcock Law, we believe that we are extraordinarily well-equipped to handle your DUI case and give you the best representation available so that you can get the best outcome in your DUI case.  Below are 6 reasons to hire Alcock Law, an experienced Arizona DUI attorney.


6 Reasons to Hire an Arizona DUI Attorney


  1. We Work to Achieve Positive Solutions
    • We develop a relationship with each of our clients and we work hard to achieve the most positive solution for each client. We always aim to develop winning strategies in DUI cases. Regardless of the case, we will be always be honest with you and aggressively focus on winning your case.
  2. You Will Feel Better After Meeting with Us
    • When arrested for DUI, many people panic, They worry about the impact such an arrest will have on their lives, as well as potential jail time. The call to Alcock Law is free and we assure you that you will feel better after you meet with us.  Though every case is different, we understand how the law works, have extensive experience, and will passionately pursue a positive outcome indoor case.
  3. Learn What You Need to Know About DUI
    • We are here to have an honest conversation with you about your DUI case, what potential penalties you face, and what you need to know about how a DUI conviction could impact your day to day life.
  4. We Look for Ways to Win
    • We spend time educating you about DUI and having an honest conversation so that we can have all of the information we need to move forward with a strong strategy for winning your case. We have won thousands of criminal cases and we will strive to help you avoid a criminal conviction.
  5. Experienced Former Prosecutors and a Former Judge on Our Team
    • Not only are we outstandingly experienced in winning criminal cases but we also have the expertise and knowledge of former DUI prosecutors and a former judge with the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department on our team. We can give you the most well-informed and aggressive defense available.
  6. Affordable Fees and Payment Plans
    • As if dealing with a DUI case wasn’t stressful enough, many people worry that if they hire an attorney that they will not be able to afford it. Fortunately, at Alcock Law, we are Arizona DUI attorneys that offer affordable fees and payment plans to all of our clients.
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